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 As defined by Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author of THE VISION BOARD book by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design and also founder of THE VISION BOARD INSTITUTE which offers the only accreditation as a Certified Vision Board Counselor in the world.

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MORE ABOUT What is a Vision Board? By Joyce Schwarz, best-selling Author, speaker, producer, The Vision Board by Harper Collins Publishing, Collins Design , email: 

Joyce explains that a vision board is a visual representation of what you are creating and want in your life now and in the future. copyright Joyce Schwarz, posted originally on 1/09/09
Vision Boards are also known as "dream boards", "wish boards", "Treasure maps" "Life Collage", "Wisdom Collage" and other names.

The history of the Vision Board dates back to the caveman era where pictures of animals and other visuals were sketched or painted on walls of caves and nown known as Cave Paintings.

Many of these early cave paintings were painted in advance of a hunt where the artist was visually experiencing the hunting conquest in advance as a form of 'visioning' their future.

Researching Vision Board History: Best-selling author Joyce Schwarz, THE VISION BOARD book by Harper Collins Publishing which has sold 75,000 copies explains that she may just be the first person who ever researched the derivation of vision boards in history.

Date back to the Caveman era: Joyce explains that she found the ancient art of visioning traces back to the Cave Man/Woman era and can also be connected to such eras as:

*EARLY EGYPTIAN HIEROGLYPHICS and symbols on jewels, scrolls, parchments and of course tombs and more.

*South Pacific and Native American Petroglyphs and other symbolic carvings and designs on stones, pottery and even body designs.

*Heraldry and Coat of Arms dating back to the Middle ages and the early Royal family crests.

*Illuminated Manuscripts show relationships to imagery that connects to personalized design and symbols.

*Asian seals also known as Chops or Inken have been used for many centuries by the Chinese, Japanese and other groups.

*DaVinci Era and Renaissance paintings and decorative arts all included customized personal designs and even hidden symbols. 

*Military and Sport symbols and designs date back centuries and often indicate rank and heroism. 

*Tradesmen and Craftspersons created images that identified their shops and professions to all people even those who could not read. 

*Victoriania research shows early inspiration boards or pin boards that would hold memorabilia and early visions of family or travel that the creator envisioned. 

*Treasure maps and Early Gold Rush designs show connection to alternate paths that the adventurer can follow to fulfill his visions! 

*Early Cinema tracing back to the 1890's and early 19th Century show basic story boards and vision-scapes to see the cinematic outcomes in advance of filming.

*Around the globe steam trains and other forms of early transport were often decorated with scenes of where they would travel even before the routes were ready for ticket sales. 

*Silk screens and calligraphy often depict not real scenes but those from the imagination of the artist and many feature symbolism that can be interpreted differently by each viewer. 

*By the 1950's WALT DISNEY was visioning a new future for all of us -- where entertainment and immersion into a simulated environment of Disney Land through is own visionary drawings, designs and early vision boards. More fanciful than blueprints these 4-color versions are visions that came to life! 

*For more information and applications of early vision board history and visioning , see THE VISION BOARD by Joyce Schwarz, and browse inside. 

IN THE MEDIA : VISION BOARDs have been featured on such TV shows as OPRAH, LARRY KING, ELLEN and others to show the power of how to change your mind and change your life.

Vision boards come in all shapes and designs and can be made from all substances ranging from paper to canvas to actual wall-size creations to mobile versions for iPod and iPhone.


Most people are familiar with Vision Boards that one creates that look a bit like collage and feature pictures torn from magazines and photographs and personal memorabilia that is affixed by glue or paste to a poster or foam board.

But Vision Boards variations also can include paintings, mixed-media and other arts and crafts.
Sample vision boards excerpted from THE VISION BOARD book by Joyce Schwarz, Harper Collns Publishing, Collins Design, December 22, 2009 copyright

A Vision Board generaly includes these elements:

A) Visuals: photos, magazine images, drawings, photographs and

B)Affirmations: optimistic sayings,inspirational quotes, mantras and mottos that encourage good habits and changes in your life for the better.

C)Embellishments -- including stickers, foil stars, glitter, ribbon, personal memorabilia such as concert tickets, travel folders, maps and

D)POWER AND KEY WORDS -- a list of those visions, dreams or or desires that evolve from your personal or group visioning session.

And other vital elements which will be featured in the ThE VISION BOARD in chapter 3. .


Here are examples of just a few of the types of vision boards that you can create. You can also create them for special occasions in your life and during your year:

*Love Vision Board
*Relationship Vision Board
*Prosperity Board
*Gratitude Board
*Health and Fitness Vision Board
*Travel Vision Board
*Vacation Board
*Life Overview Board

And for special occasions throughout the year consider creating a vision board for:

*Birthday Vision Board
*Marriage Vision Board
*Wedding Anniversary Vision Board
*Graduation Board
*Valentine Board
*Thanksgiving Board
*Christmas Board
*Holiday Board
*Giving Board
*2014 Vision Board

HAND MADE VERSUS DIGITAL VISION BOARDS or mobile apps-- Joyce recommends that your first vision board be created by hand so that you can capture that child-like essence of who you are at your CORE!  Later you can reinforce your key and power words and even depict your vision statement in a vision video or electronic format like screensavers or wallpaper or a mini-mobile version of your primary vision board displayed in your home or office.

For more information about Vision Boards go to  (where u can find more than 30 hours of audios and videos on visioning and vision board creation)  

PS -- you'll also see info about upcoming courses on how to become a Certified Vision Board Coach in 4 weeks (via home study or LIVE teleconference)

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