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Endorsements: for The Vision Board book and the Certified Vision Board Counselor courses offered by The VIsion Board Insitute and founder, Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author and speaker.


the world’s first certification for vision board counselors offered by Joyce Schwarz & The International Vision Board Institute:, 310-822-3119 


 DOREEN ROMAN CVBC, Manitoba, Canada 

Joyce is an awesome person and teacher.  She goes out of her way to help each of us received the requirements she has set down to become Certified Vision Board Counselor.  As a mentor, Joyce has wonderful suggestions, listens to what her students have to say, and really hears them. I would recommend the CVBC workshop series because I believe it is a great series.  It is simple to use.  I like simple



  “Joyce is beyond a doubt, the most energetic, stimulating and creative teacher I have ever had the pleasure of learning a new skill from. Her detailed knowledge of creating vision boards is only a small part of all that she shares with her students at The Vision Board Institute. I truly enjoyed the stimulating tele-conference classes I took with her to become one of her first Certified Vision Board Counselors.” November 3, 2009


 Judith Fine-Sarchielli, California  Joyce was my teacher and mentor as the owner of the Vision Board Institute, where I became a Certified Vision Board Consultant. Joyce is one of the most creative teachers and marketing geniuses I have ever worked with in my 60 years as an artist. Her book, "The Vision Board" is a best selling masterpiece. I am very grateful to Joyce for all the inspiration and techniques she taught me during the Vision Board certification course,” August 3,


 Dr. Sheri Wallace, Gainesville, Florida. 

The CVBC program offers the added benefit of assisting me in developing products and programs and marketing them effectively, while having access to the creative products of others in the program.I believe there is a lot of value for the money spent on the program I enjoy the creative aspect of the course networking with others, and the opportunity to co-teach.  I’ve only had one private session so far with Joyce, but am overwhelmed with the wealth of information she willingly shared and all the ideas I got to follow up on.  I look forward to further consultation at the end of the class would recommend the CVBC series to anyone who is serious about doing this work and who is willing to have their creative spirit ignited.  The opportunity to be part of the network and have access to the ideas and products of the other CVBC—and to have them market my products—is priceless 


Joyce Schwarz, best-selling author THE VISION BOARD book,
Marina Del Rey, California 90292
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